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June 16, 2022 3 min read

Stranger Things season 4 is out! This season brings surprises and a whole new experience of the paranormal. As mysteries unveil, we at Bloomeroo can’t wait to tell you what we love about it. Little do we know; our favourite Stranger Things characters are representations of our preferences. We bet we can tell what your favourite flowers are just by your favourite Stranger Things character. Here’s what some of the characters we’ve chosen along with the flowers that best suit each fictional character.

For all purpose and intents, we won’t be talking about every character in the series – just the main characters present since Season 1.

**The following may contain spoilers from Stranger Things Season 2 – Season 4.



Eleven – Rose


stranger things eleven


The primary protagonist in the Stranger Things series (played by Millie Bobbie Brown), Eleven, or Jane “El” Hopper is the main character the 4-part saga up to date. This iconic character has an exciting arc that unravels over four seasons. As her superpowers developed formidable enough to fight the Mind Flayer in Season 3, she emerged as the all-time favourite character for most of us. If she is your favourite, you will most likely choose a rose flower.

Rosesare perfect centrepieces to any flower bouquet or arrangement. They take up the bulk of the space and create a strong impression to convey messages of love, empathy, happiness, passion, and care to someone we love.



Mike Wheeler – Gerbera Daisy


stranger things mike


The lover boy – Mike Wheeler started off as a dweeb, only concerned with his D&D and hanging out with his buddies. Mike (played by Finn Wolfhard) is one of the main characters in Stranger Things that showed us the awkward parts of adolescence. His quirky nature quickly blossomed into one of the heartthrob, falling in love with El and neglecting his friends. Albeit the changes in his personality, Mike remained a fan-favourite throughout the series.

We reckon Mike to a Gerbera Daisy. Much like Mike, Gerberas are centrepieces to any bouquet or arrangement. Gerbera Daisies feature big, bright petals with Sunflower-esque likeness. Just like Mike, Gerberas are must-haves in any bouquet or ensemble.



Dustin – Sunflower


stranger things dustin


The one who is always smiling – Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo) is a fan-favourite among the group of D&D players. His optimism and can-do attitude towards any challenge makes him a delightful addition to the Stranger Things young heroes.

Quirky, bright, and cheerful, Dustin’s personality is identical to that of the Sunflower. Sunflowers, like Dustin, are decked in bright yellow with a “face” that always faces the sun. Granted, Dustin doesn’t have his front teeth, yet is one of the most recognisable of the characters.  


Lucas Sinclair – Tulip

 stranger things lucas


Lucas Sinclair, played by actor Caleb McLaughlin, is the loyal friend to Mike and boyfriend to Max Mayfield in Season 3 of Stranger Things. Lucas was a big help in fighting the Demogorgon in Season 1 and the Mind Flayer in Season 3. As an integral part of the team, Lucas, an African American, balances his school life, sports, and of course, D&D with his mates all while formulating a strategy to fight the elements from the Upside Down.

Lucas’ distinct characteristics makes him a fan-favourite. We think Lucas is definitely a Tulip flower. The Tulip is a beautiful bloom that originates from Holland. This awesome blossom is a sleek, elegant addition to a vase full of flowers.



Will - Carnation


stranger things will



Season 1 saw Will Byers go into the Upside Down and possessed by the Mind Flayer. However, thanks to his friends, this character managed to be rescued and made a full comeback to being himself. Quiet and reserved, Will hides a world of knowledge and wit when it comes to solving problems and taking on challenges that the world throws at him.

If you choose Will Byers, you’ll most likely love Carnations. The Carnation is a bespoke flower with signature colours of Red, Purple, White, Yellow, and Pink. Variations of Carnations have vivid spots and intricate designs in each petal – much like the flashbacks Will receives when he was in the Upside Down. Overall, the Carnation flower is a perfect garnish to complete a flower arrangement.


Of course, there’s more Hawkins characters that we’d love to talk about. In the meantime, go ahead and treat yourself to any of our beautiful flowers made just for you! Stay tuned for more Stranger Things trivia coming up or take a look at our range of flower bouquets below.


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