October 21, 2021 4 min read

"Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you." Ring a bell? Surely everyone is familiar with this classic children's rhyme that has stood the test of time. While that is true, you'd be pleased to know that this is just one of the many afflictions that rose flower has with romance. 

A symbol of love, a bouquet of roses is considered the quintessential romantic grand gesture, something that is usually presented during hallmarks such as anniversaries or proposals. But have you ever wondered how and why roses are considered romantic in the first place? Why do we clamour for it whenever we are thinking of expressing love towards someone?

While roses come in many colours, not all of them carry the same definition and symbolism. Even the number of it in a bouquet determines its meaning! To make sure that we are using the right roses for the right occasion, let's take a deep dive into the flower we all know and love to get to know it a little bit better!

Rose meanings

  • White roses: Traditionally associated with new beginnings, white roses symbolise purity and innocence. It is usually used in marriages thanks to its elegant beauty, but it is also a way to send messages of loyalty or farewell. 
  • Yellow roses: Like sunflowers, yellow roses radiate warmth and represent friendships. Sending it to a friend can mean a token of appreciation towards their friendship and convey remembrance of memories together.
  • Orange roses: This uplifting flower carries the meaning of fascination, energy and excitement. If you’re thinking of conveying feelings of pride - let’s say, towards a friend who just aced an exam - this exuberant flower is the perfect one to be delivered. 
  • Red roses: Beauty and perfection, need we say more? Red roses carry the meaning of passion and romance towards another person. No matter if it’s during a special occasion or on any normal day, a bouquet of red roses will convey your love perfectly. 
  • Lavender roses: Fell in love from the get-go? Then the lavender rose is your perfect flower, as it symbolises love at first sight! Send someone a bouquet of lavender roses to profess your adoration and intentions of romance.
  • Pink roses: Gentle and graceful, pink roses make for the perfect gift when you want to convey feelings of sweet admiration. It also carries meanings of joy, appreciation and thankfulness towards a special person in your life.

Meaning of number of roses

  • 1 rose means ‘love at first sight’
  • 2 roses say ‘my deep love’
  • 3 roses convey ‘I love you’
  • 4 roses mean ‘nothing will come between us’
  • 5 roses express ‘I am in love with you, very much’
  • 6 roses symbolise ‘I want to be yours. Let’s take things further.’
  • 7 roses signify deep infatuation with someone
  • 8 roses show support towards a loved one who’s going through a tough time
  • 9 roses mean ‘I promise you eternal love, for as long as we both shall live’
  • 10 roses express ‘You are perfect the way you are’
  • 11 roses say ‘I treasure you deeply’
  • 12 roses say ‘Please go on a steady relationship with me’
  • 50 roses express a love that is mature and will be treasured forever
  • 100 roses signify devotion till the end of time

If you’re looking to shop for a bouquet of roses, our modern collection of timeless floral arrangements is here to satisfy your needs. Here are some of our top recommendations for a rose bouquet, available on Bloomeroo.com.au now!

1. Casablanca

With stalks of white roses and green eucalyptus, this floral arrangement is your perfect choice if you intend to send messages of purity and new beginnings. It can also be your flower of choice when it comes to marriages.

2. Hot Romance

Like its name, this bouquet of red roses signifies intense, passionate love towards your special someone. Have this delivered on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary to watch your love blooms!

3. Peach Perfect

Uplifting and full of energy, use this bouquet of orange roses when sending good vibes to someone who’s going through a rough patch in their life. Complete with flanks of greenery, this elegant arrangement is made to brighten someone’s day.

4. Sweet Kisses

This bouquet of pastel roses exudes femininity and grace, which makes it the perfect choice for someone who mirrors the same elegance. While it is regarded as a petite bouquet, don’t underestimate the impression it’ll bring when presented to a loved one!

5. Triple Wonder 

Sometimes, simple is truly the best way to go. This bouquet features roses in timeless, soft shades - pastel pinks and champagne - to signify how evergreen your love is. Come what may, this classic, yet modern floral arrangement will win their heart, no matter the occasion. 

With same-day flower delivery in Melbourne and Perth for orders made before 2.30PM, Bloomeroo is your choice when it comes to handcrafted floral bouquets. Use our tips above to shop for your next floral gift and we look forward to serving you. All the best in expressing your love using roses!