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July 28, 2022 3 min read

"Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you." Surely everyone is familiar with this classic children's rhyme that has stood the test of time. These are just some of that the many connections that the iconic Rose has with romance.


red pink orange white roses


When we think of flowers for an occasion, we think of roses. Roses are great as birthday flowers and as anniversary gifts too! A bouquet of roses is considered the quintessential romantic gesture, something that is usually presented during hallmarks such as anniversaries or proposals. But have you ever wondered what the meaning of roses are and why they are considered romantic in the first place? What is the symbolism behind each beloved rose flower? We at Bloomeroo are here to answer these burning questions.

While roses come in a variety of colours, not all of them carry the same meaning and symbolism. Even the number of roses in a bouquet has different significance. To make sure that we are using the right roses for the right occasion, let's take a deep dive into the flower we all know and love to get to know it a little bit better!


Rose Meanings – Colours and Variations


white roses


White Roses

The meaning behind white roses is traditionally associated with new beginnings. White roses symbolise purity and innocence. They are most commonly used in weddings and renewal of vows. They’re also a great way to send a farewell message or as a symbol of loyalty.



yellow roses


Yellow Roses

Yellow roses radiate warmth and represent friendships. Sending a yellow rose to a friend is a token of appreciation towards their friendship with remembrance of memories together.



orange roses


Orange Roses

This uplifting flower carries the meaning of fascination, energy, and excitement. If you’re thinking of conveying feelings of pride towards a friend who just aced an exam, this lively flower is the perfect one to be delivered.



red roses


Red Roses

Red roses are for beauty and perfection. Need we say more? Red roses carry the meaning of passion and romance for your special someone. Whether it’s for a special occasion or on any ordinary day, a bouquet of red roses will ignite emotions and bring a burst of energy... if you know what we mean.



pink roses


Lavender Roses

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you answered Yes, Then the lavender rose is your perfect flower! Send someone a bouquet of lavender roses to profess your adoration and intentions of romance.



pink roses  

Pink Roses

Gentle and graceful, pink roses make for the perfect gift when expressing feelings of admiration. Pink roses bring meaning of joy, appreciation, and thankfulness towards a special person in your life.


    Meaning of The Number of Roses

    Did you know that the number of roses you give to someone brings a specific meaning? Most people know the meaning of 3 roses – I love you. However, we are clueless as to the other symbolisms of multiple roses. Here’s a guide on what each number of roses means:

    Number of Roses Meaning
    1 Rose Love at first sight.
    2 Roses My deep love.
    3 Roses I love you!
    4 Roses Nothing will come between us.
    5 Roses I am in love with you, very much!
    6 Roses I want to be yours. Let’s take things further.
    7 Roses Deep infatuation with someone.
    8 Roses Support towards a loved one who’s going through a tough time.
    9 Roses I promise you eternal love, for as long as we both shall live.
    10 Roses You are perfect the way you are.
    11 Roses I treasure you deeply!
    12 Roses Please go on a steady relationship with me?
    50 Roses Love that is mature and will be treasured forever
    100 Roses Devotion till the end of time



    Roses in Bouquets – The Perfect Gifts

    As versatile as the flowers are, roses are best arranged in bouquets. There’s something magical about a bouquet full of fresh, fragrant roses. Their sparkling colours only matched with classic layers of silky wrapping paper, completed with a ribbon in a bow. How sweet!


    Rose bouquets


    If you’re looking to shop for a bouquet of roses, our modern collection of timeless floral arrangements is here to satisfy your needs. Enjoy same-day flower delivery in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perthfor orders made before the cut-off time. Bloomeroo is your choice when it comes to handcrafted floral bouquets.

    Here are some of our top recommendations for roses you could get with delivery in Australia.