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December 01, 2022 4 min read

Decorating for the holidays can be challenging for folks limited by small space issues. And deciding whether to get a tree can seriously dampen the holiday cheer. Yikes! However, don’t give up on your dreams of becoming the next Mariah Carey! Having a square foot space means something other than sacrificing seasonal flavour or indulgence.

If you envision turning your tiny abode into Santa's village but still want access to seating that doesn't require a pine needle face massage, we've got just the tips and tricks for you. Check out our ten brilliant Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces! Size truly doesn't matter when decorating for the most wonderful time of the year. Keep reading for clever holiday decorating tips, alternative mantels, and ceiling centrepieces to glam your cosy home. 

Pick & Stick To A Colour Scheme

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

It’s going to be hard butdon'tbuy every Christmas decoration you see. Pick three colour themes. Using a well-planned colour strategy will make your home more cohesive and stunning. Verses going all out, and you risk your home looking like Santa threw-up candy canes all over your living room. 

The rule of thumb is to use a maximum of three colours to make your space look great, and our favourites are hues of blue, gold, and white for the holidays. Pick garlands, ribbons, ornaments, and wrapping paper with a cohesive colour scheme and theme. 

Choose Smaller Tree

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

Christmas trees are the centre of every home during the holiday season. They make great conversation starters which, you guessed it, happens around the Christmas tree. Seven-foot Christmas trees are magnificent but take up a lot of space. Instead, use a standard-sized Christmas tree when decking out a tiny home for Christmas. You can even try a unique wall-hanging Christmas tree, a tabletop tree, or something a little smaller, like a thin pencil tree. 

Another perk of having a smaller tree is that decorating it costs less, which is excellent for those on a budget. You can use mini ornaments, fewer decorations and ribbons.

Add Little Accents Around Your Home

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

A little, indeed, goes a long way. If you aren’t big on stuffing your home with Christmas decorations in every corner, little accents of Christmas here and there work just as well.  Your home can tie in a Christmas theme that makes it seem comfortable and homey by adding small bits of seasonal cheer.

Invite the spirit of holiday cheer into your home with a simple winter scene on the window sill using fake snow, or swap out your utensils for Santa-themed ones. Or tuck small Christmas ornaments into your decorations, and place them on your coffee table, mantle or dining table.

Make a Swap

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

One of the easiest ways to turn your home into a winter wonderland is to do a swap. Replacing and not adding to your existing decor will help lessen the clutter and make your home look more inviting. Remember,do not add to your home's existing decor or areas; instead, replace essential pieces. Like your dinner table centrepiece, the decoration on the mantle, or your front door mat. 

For example, swapping out your pillows for festive ones will leave you with the same amount of space, but more in-themed for the season. This can be applied to all other seasons as well, including Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Deepavali, etc.

Dress Up Your Door

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

What is the first thing your guest sees when they come over? Your front door, naturally. To make them feel the holiday charm and make your home more inviting, don’t miss out on decorating your door. This space is regularly looked over but makes a great area, especially when you’ve run out of space inside to decorate.

Don't be scared to get festive at your front door! Every time you return home, you'll be greeted with festive cheer, and your visitors, and neighbours, won't ever question your commitment to the holiday.

Keep It Light And Bright

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, light and bright decorations can make your home look pleasing to the eyes and inviting. In fact, rule number one of interior decorating for small spaces is using lighter colours to make a room appear larger. And there are many lessons to be learnt about neutral tones from this wonderful picture above.

Consider ivory-coloured candles, colourful holiday wreaths made of chalk, and cream-coloured yarn for your stockings. When it comes to presents under the tree, white or brown wrapping paper works wonders which this same theme.

Dress Up Your Mantel

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

Not many homes these days have mantels, but if you have one in your home, it makes a great decoration space. Consider placing decorative throw cushions or useful holiday accents like hanging skates or fluffy winter boots on the mantle. A tiny wreath can be hung for a more subtle Christmas appearance.

If you don’t have one, improvise! Santa is an adept stocking detector in addition to having perfected the fire escape access into your flat. Be creative in how you hang your stockings. In the bedroom, you can make use of your bed’s headboard, shoe cabinet, or even on the bookshelves.

Use Your Wall Space

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces

Walls are often looked over to decorate for Christmas, but if you’re creative enough, the walls can be your best friend. Making the most of vertical space can always be done with floating shelves or hanging displays. Your wall space might take the place of a mantel or offer a creative way to display holiday cards. Floating shelves provide a fantastic elf-on-the-shelf presentation for when you’re hosting Christmas dinners. 

To create a wintery ambience, use the wall space by hanging garlands or twinkle lights along the ceiling. Or even use command hooks to hang up your Christmas stockings. The options are endless!