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July 14, 2023 3 min read

It’s hard to say where the tradition of wearing Christmas pyjamas originated. But the idea of wearing comfy PJs while watching Christmas movies with your family as you wait for the clock to chime at midnight to open your first Christmas presents sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Once thought of as loungewear, Christmas pyjamas have become as fashionable as ugly sweaters: adorable, cheesy, and too good not to #ChristmasPJs on your social media. It may seem strange to see families wearing matching pyjamas with reindeer, but there's a good reason: Tradition. Families look forward to a routine where they all wear matching pyjamas and do annual Christmas things together. 

The tradition of wearing Christmas pajamas is a heartwarming and cherished practice that has found its way into many households around the world. While its exact origins remain elusive, it likely evolved from a combination of cultural influences and the desire to create special memories during the holiday season.

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One theory suggests that the tradition may have emerged from the Victorian era, where families used to exchange small gifts on Christmas Eve. These gifts often included nightclothes or sleepwear, setting the foundation for the notion of wearing pajamas on Christmas Eve. Over time, this custom evolved, becoming more elaborate and ingrained in the modern celebration of Christmas.

Another possible origin lies in various cultural practices. In some Scandinavian countries, it is customary to give new clothes on Christmas Eve, and wearing new pajamas to bed became a way to celebrate this festive occasion. Similarly, in some Asian cultures, new clothes symbolize a fresh start, and the Christmas season is seen as an opportunity for renewal.

Regardless of its origin, the tradition of Christmas pajamas has grown to symbolize the joy of togetherness and anticipation during the holiday season. Families come together, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere, snuggled in their festive sleepwear, watching classic Christmas movies, and sharing laughter and love. It enhances the sense of unity and warmth during a time when connection with loved ones matters the most.

Check out our list below for adorable matching Christmas pyjamas for the whole family!

Peter Alexander

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

The brand couldn’t be cuter this year with its new Christmas collection! Don PJs with your favourite TV show characters, such as SpongeBob SquarePants! and The Grinch. Or channel your inner Aussie pride and opt for their Christmas Vegemite line! So many cute choices for the whole family, even your furbaby!   

Boohoo Australia

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Comfortable AND stylish Christmas pyjamas? Sign us up! Check out Boohoo Australia’s matching PJs are affordable and chic! Choose from various looks to suit the family, and look forward to sharing pics of your snazzy family on Instagram!


Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Oh, the iconic Kmart pyjamas, how we love thy affordable and adorable sets! But if we all know one thing about a nice Kmart finds, it doesn't stick around for long. So if you want one, you'd better hurry because their selection of cute, festive outfits is available online and in-store right now!

Big W

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Big W always has great matching Christmas pyjamas for the entire family, and this year's Christmas collection is just gorgeous! So if you’re a Big W pyjama lover, you're in for a treat as your little ones will fall head over heels for their adorable matching Disney Christmas pyjamas. It’s one of our favourites!


Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

As we all know, Christmas falls in the Summer in Australia. So there aren't many options for winter-style jammies, and some of us want to cuddle up in cosy onesies. PatPat has many affordable and super adorable matching Christmas onesies! Check out this matching reindeer family set; it even has one for the doggo!

Cotton On

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Cotton On is usually our go-to for PJs because they’re just so comfy! You won’t want to skip out on their collection this year, as they've upped the ante by offering custom Christmas pyjamas. Not to mention that their short cotton Christmas pyjama sets are ideal for the sweltering Australian summer nights.

Etsy Australia

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Get into the holiday spirit with various handcrafted pyjama sets available on Etsy! Take your pick from a wide selection of matching t-shirts and pyjamas with long and short sleeves, and in various materials. You can even customise them, so everyone gets their own personalised Christmas pyjamas.