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November 21, 2022 4 min read

For those of you who are new to the Chinese New Year celebrations, it is basically like the European version of the New Year. And next year, 2023, it will begin on the 22nd of January; it changes every year depending on the moon's placement. 

The Lunar New Year is the start of a multi-day celebration to usher in prosperity and luck for the following 365 days. Cities and households worldwide will hold parades, host feasts, and decorate their homes to welcome the new year. For Lunar New Year, cleaning the house is extremely important, but only before New Year's Eve or you’ll be sweeping away the good luck. And every household often goes above and beyond in terms of holiday preparations.

Celebrate CNY in style next year with the best Chinese New Year decoration ideas by Bloomeroo that will help bring prosperity and good fortune. 

Popular Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas

Chinese New Year Lanterns

CNY Decoration Ideas

For many Chinese celebrations, but particularly during Chinese New Year, lanterns work brilliantly. They come in various colours and shapes, with the most popular being red and round. Important festivals like the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival use Chinese lanterns.

These lanterns are frequently displayed on trees in the streets, workplaces, and front doors during Chinese New Year. It's said that hanging a red lantern in front of the door will ward off bad luck.

Paper Cut-Outs

CNY Decoration Ideas

Cutting designs from a paper of any colour and attaching them to a contrasting backing or a window is the art of paper cutting. Red is the most popular colour used as it represents luck, joy, and happiness. It also represents celebration and vitality. People in northern and central China have a tradition of sticking red paper cuts to their doors and windows. It’s very common at Chinese weddings as well.

The theme of the New Year's paper cutting is often an illustration of a lucky plant or animal. Each species of plant or animal represents different wishes.

Kumquat Trees 

CNY Decoration Ideas

The kumquat is referred to as gam gat sue in Cantonese, it symbolises luck and wealth. The Cantonese word for "gold" is "gam," and the Cantonese word for "good luck" sounds similar to "gat." Similarly, the kumquat is referred to as jinju shu in Mandarin ( jnj shù /jin-jyoo shoo/), where jin () is the Chinese term for gold. 

In addition to having the same pronunciation as the Chinese word for "good luck" (j /jee/), the word "ju" also incorporates the character for luck in Chinese. You will find these trees outside of most homes during Chinese New Year, and yes, they can be eaten but do not simply pluck the fruits until you have permission to do so!

Blooming Flowers

CNY Decoration Ideas

The start of spring is indicated by the Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival. Blooming flowers, which represent the arrival of spring and convey hopes for a prosperous new year, are frequently used to decorate homes. In Hong Kong and Macau, plants and flowers are quite popular Chinese New Year decorations.

The plum blossom branches, orchids, peonies, and peach blossoms were the most widely used blooming plants during this time.

New Year Paintings

CNY Decoration Ideas

During the New Year, New Year Paintings (niánhuà /nyen-hwaa/) are pasted on doors and walls for decoration and as a way to wish people a happy new year. The paintings feature lucky mythical characters and vegetation.

These aren’t very popular in modern homes as they might seem a bit much, but we will see them in the homes of the older generation or Chinese-run businesses. 

Red Envelopes

CNY Decoration Ideas

Prepare a couple of ang pau’s in advance, aside from the ones you’re already going to give out. Put one on each guest's table because doing so shows kindness and love, both of which will bring good fortune and success.


Other Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas 


A Glass Bowl Of Fruit

CNY Decoration Ideas

These pots aren't just for decoration; when filled with fruit, they are said to bring good luck in the mystical realm.

They should be set up in the dining room or living room on Chinese New Year's Eve. Additionally, you can add cinnamon and vanilla sticks to them. When filled with fresh fruit rather than plastic, they have a stronger ability to draw luck.


Pussy Willow Flowers

CNY Decoration Ideas

Do not worry; this plant is NOT pornographic. Pussy willows represent development and the coming of riches, much like the other flowers on this list. Vendors typically sell them in bundles, and the height of these plants can be as tall as a fully grown person.

They are often white or grey, but some vendors have discovered how to add some vibrant colours. These plants last extremely long as well. Even once the Chinese New Year is over, pussy willows can live for months and make for a fantastic house plant.


Golden Pumpkin

CNY Decoration Ideas

Don’t put away those Halloween decorations just yet! Place a golden pumpkin on the bedroom nightstands if you wish good fortune and wealth for the Chinese New Year. Additionally, golden pumpkins will keep your mood in great condition and guard you against illness.