February 10, 2022 2 min read

The entire world is abuzz when 14th February comes along. As 2022’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, much of the excitement and anticipation may be taken away. Not to worry though, we at Bloomeroo have a few ideas to spice up this festive season of love with minimal effort. Here are some gift ideas you could treat your partner with this year. Although we suggest these for married couples, anyone could try these for their loved ones or partners. Ready? Here we go!

The Classic – Flowers

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with flower bouquets. The bigger the flower bouquet, the bigger your love is for your partner, or so it’s thought. These days, flowers are less romanticised than the idea of simply spending more time together. With the shift in how we spend time with each other in the past two years (thanks to COVID and travelling restrictions), we’re more likely to gift our time rather than material things. But alas, flowers are still an integral part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Here at Bloomeroo, we know the importance of a timely flower. Hence, we’ve come up with unique flower bouquets and chocolate bouquets to complete your Valentine’s Day ideas. If you can’t create your own bouquet, no worries – we have a selection for you! Simply pick your fav out of the Valentine’s Day Flowers collection and you’re good to go!

Candlelight Dinner

No! Don’t do a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants and bistros take advantage of the Valentine’s Day rush and mark up their prices during this festive season. Instead, take time off after the V-day hype has died down. This way, food prices will be back to normal, and you’ll be able to spend a reasonable amount for a candlelight dinner with your life partner.

As married couples, it’s vital to invest our time and finances into our relationship. A simple dinner together boosts our love for each other in ways that we can’t imagine. It’s a cute option for a romantic experience whether you’re a newlywed couple or you’ve been together for decades. Choose your partner’s favourite cuisine and splurge a little to put that smile on his/her face.

A Getaway Staycation

Married life could take a toll on our relationships. Many of us are no longer energetic and agile as we used to be. Travelling is one way to revitalise our youth. Book a staycation, road trip, or simply a getaway for the two of you to enjoy. Include places with epic sceneries such as mountain ridges, beautiful ocean views, or iconic city skylines to wake up to.

Additionally, ensure you upgrade to rooms with interesting features such as romantic bathtubs, revolving waterbeds, and smart lighting for enhanced romance. These are sure to get your libido going!

The above 3 are some easy ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts you could try this year. Go ahead and try them – and it doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day. You could gift your partner any of the above at any time of the year to ignite that spark in your relationship.