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August 03, 2022 4 min read

Father’s Day is the best time to get Dad a present. What do we get the man who has given his whole life to care, protect, support, and love us? We have 8 unique Father’s Day gift ideas you could try this year. But before that, you need to know when Father’s Day is.

Father’s Day 2022 falls on 4th September.

Now that you know when the Father’s Day date this year is, go ahead and get that special man in your life any one of these gifts below.


Whisky Stones

Ditch the ice cubes and go classy with a bespoke set of whisky stones. Made for the whisky and liquor connoisseur, whisky stones are granite or crystal cubes made to replace ice cubes.


fathers day gift whisky stones


Ice cubes dilute a drink as they melt, however, whisky stones keep your drink chilled without the added liquid. Dad would love a sophisticated set of whisky stones to complement his drinking taste. Some whisky sets come with tumblers, decanters, and glasses to complete the experience.



Beer Condom

Probably the cheapest item in our Father’s Day ideas list, a beer condom or beer sleeve does exactly what it’s meant to do – keep the beverage cold without leakage of condensation. This revolutionary accessory has changed the world of drinking for good. Although it is a simple tool, Dad is sure to appreciate it when he get going with his beers. Buy him a set of 4 or more in his favourite beer designs to be shared with his mates. Simple Father’s Day gifts are the best things he’ll appreciate.



Swiss Army Knife

Yeah! What a manly man I am! – precisely the thought that comes to his mind when he does repairs around the home, woodwork, or gets dirty with DIY projects on his car. What better gift to give Dad than a multipurpose Swiss Army Knife?


Fathers day gift idea penknife


A Swiss Army Knife or penknife as it’s commonly known, is a foldable cutting tool with an assortment of blades, scissors, and screwdriver heads for all your fixer-upper needs. Traditionally, a Swiss Army knife is a gift that is handed down from one generation to another. Think of it as a family heirloom from Dad to his kids.



Flowers and Chocolates

Father’s Day 2022 is a perfect occasion to push the limits and challenge stereotypes that society has imposed on us. One such limitation is that flowers aren’t gifts for men. We at Bloomeroo are ready to destroy that label! Flowers make awesome gifts for men – particularly for dads. If you’ve never sent a batch of fresh flowers to Dad, now is the time. Show him how much you love him with a bright bouquet of blooms and a sweet message of love. Chances are, his heart will melt with joy upon receiving this sweet gift from his daughter.


Fathers Day gifts chocolates


Add a little pizzazz to the gift with his favourite box of chocolates. Flowers and chocolates – pleasing to the eyes and simply a delight to taste. Here at Bloomeroo, we have a stellar range of Father’s Day flowers that you could pair with chocolates or cookies.



Fitness Band

Is Dad a couch potato? Is he constantly snacking and watching telly without any exercise? Get him off the sofa and on his two feet with a gift of a fitness band.


Fathers day gifts fitness band


A fitness band or tracker monitors our daily physical activities. It tracks our steps, heartbeats per minute, blood pressure, and sleep cycles. This gift is ideal for dads who are above the age of 45. We suggest a FitBit or a Mi Band 6 from Xiaomi’s finest selection of affordable gadgets.



Pop Culture Tee


Fathers Day gift pop culture shirt


Dad loves movies and popular culture? No worries! Get him a t-shirt with his favourite movie designs. Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, Bob Marley, Friends, and even Sesame Street are great themes to choose for quirky and fun t-shirt designs. Look online on Amazon, eBay, or even Catch for some awesome pop culture apparel for your young and fresh dad.



MasterChef Cookbook

Dads love to throw some patties on the barbie. They aspire to be chefs in their own world with an industrial-grade barbeque grill. Give them a headstart into the culinary world with the ultimate cookbook – the MasterChef Australia Cookbook. This iconic cookbook comes in 3 volumes in both paperback and hardcover. It’ll give Dad a little insight into tried-and-tested delicious recipes used by professionals in the famous cooking reality show of Australia. The MasterChef Australia Cookbook is available on Amazon for $40.



Fishing Gear

Of course, the last on the list has to be for Dad’s favourite hobby, fishing. When Dad is an avid angler, nothing beats a new fishing rod and tackle kit. There are a few types of fishing gear you could choose from.


fathers day gifts fishing gear


The most common are the freshwater fishing rods. These are simple to use and aren’t too expensive. Variations to the freshwater fishing rods include the fly-fishing tackle, bait, and rod. Fly-fishing a method of rapid-fire casting and reeling action. If your father loves open-water fishing, you could get him a sea fishing rod. These typically come with a longer pole, sometimes up to 8 feet in length – perfect for casting from the shore. Ask your local Bunnings or local hardware store which reel, hooks, and fishing line match the rod you choose. Trust us, a fishing rod is a great present for Father’s Day!


These are just 8 suggestions for the best Father’s Day gifts for 2022. One of the best ways to make your Father’s Day gift memorable is to combine a few of these suggestions into one big bundle gift. Here are more options for Father’s Day gifts in Australia for you to send to Dad.